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AGILE 360 delivers agile situational intelligence and alerting services that help you make faster, better, more informed decisions when protecting your assets. AGILE 360 provides security personnel and enterprise leaders with new capabilities to manage their operations more effectively, and recognize and respond to threats of all kinds. Advanced 360° situational intelligence creates a new, real-time picture of your facilities and locations. It is highly secure, reliable and scalable to support teams and organizations of 5 to 500,000.

An all-new platform optimized for the enterprise, AGILE 360 supports customers cost-effectively from the highly secure Microsoft Azure cloud. AGILE 360’s innovative intelligence channels enable new capabilities such as smart alerting, mobile alerts, and secure, cross-organizational sharing of critical information – including public and restricted data sources, filtered, merged, and customized to deliver the most relevant information for your enterprise.

About Agile 360

We strive to provide our clients with dedicated risk protection and peace of mind. We support companies by providing tailored investigative and security solutions to threats that arise when operating abroad.

  • New intelligence channels-based architecture provides easy data aggregation, fusion, and dashboard creation from thousands of potential sources.
  • Smart Alerting provides notifications, alerts and alarms precisely targeted to your specifications and delivered to your desktop or smart phone.
  • Data, video, maps, news, social media, GPS and other feeds are aggregated, personalized, and visualized on desktops and mobile devices.
  • Powerful mobile capabilities including alerting and incident reporting enable your people to stay connected anytime, anywhere, from any device.
  • Exceptionally easy to use and cost effective to deploy!

Streaming intelligence from 1000’s of sources – alerts, social media, video, GPS, mobile, and more.

Agile Intelligence for Your Enterprise

Agile situational awareness, information sharing, and alerting services, available 7/24/365 – valuable everyday, invaluable in a crisis

Enterprise Security & Risk Management

Provides security personnel and management with new capabilities to recognize, manage and respond to threats of all kinds.

Special Event Security

Situational awareness, alerting and collaboration across multiple organizations supporting major events - from conventions to sporting events.

Mobile Intelligence & Alerting

Use Text/SMS and email alerting for your smartphone. Publish mobile alerts directly from your mobile device to your intelligence channels and dashboards.

Cyber Intelligence

Cyber threat-awareness and intelligence channels to keep you alert and help you manage and reduce cyber risk in real time.

Social Media Monitoring

Be alerted to social media activity of interest. Monitor mentions of your company, brands, locations, and key personnel.

Asset Protection

Integrate your asset tracking and supply chain information with any data source of interest for 360° visibility of your assets and potential threats.

Cross-Organizational Information Sharing

Create trusted information sharing communities, to share securely within or across organizations with authorized participants.

Disaster Response & Recovery

Enable better and faster coordination of response and recovery efforts within your organization and with outside partners and agencies.

About Agile 360

We are a leader in trusted intelligence sharing solutions, with over a decade creating and operating security/public safety intelligence services for the protection of facilities, assets and people. Today, our products provide global security intelligence services for over 20% of Fortune 100 and more than 250 global enterprises, and a growing number of government and public sector entities.

  • Cloud-based networked information exchange
  • Intelligence Channels (physical and cyber)
  • Attribute-based filtering and synthesis
  • Smart Alerting and Social Media
  • Networked video and GPS monitoring
  • Communities of Trust supporting 5 to 500,000
  • Mobile Alert and Incident Report publishing
  • Easy to use, customizable, personal dashboards
  • 7/24/365 anywhere, anytime, intelligence sharing

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